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Special food will be served to the passengers in Vande Bharat! You will smile seeing the menu

Vande Bharat Express Train: On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the Vande Bharat Express train running between Gandhinagar in Gujarat to Mumbai. This is the third Vande Bharat train running in the country. This train will fill the speed between Gandhinagar and Mumbai Central in Maharashtra.

The first Vande Bharat train in the country is running between Delhi to Banaras and the second train is running between Delhi to Katra. The Vande Bharat train is completely indigenous technology and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 52 seconds. This train can prove to be a game changer for Indian Railways in the coming days.

Special food will be served in the train

Vande Bharat train is not only very ahead in speed and technology but it is also equipped with many facilities. Special food will be served to the passengers in this train. In this train, passengers will be able to enjoy many types of Indian food apart from the traditional food of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The supply of food in this train will be in the hands of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). This food will not only be delicious but also nutritious.

Know the details of the menu here

You will be able to enjoy almost every famous food of both the states in the semi-high speed Vande Bharat train running between Gandhinagar to Mumbai. In this, health will be taken care of along with taste. In such a situation, food made from things like grains, oats, ragi, bhagar etc. will be served to the passengers.

Along with this, fasting and Jain food will also be served in the train for the convenience of the passengers. While travelling, you can eat onion-garlic food which is cooked in a very clean kitchen. You can also order many things made from sago and many fruit dishes in the train. For passengers, instead of chocolate in the train, groundnut chikki will be available in the train.

The new Vande Bharat is equipped with these facilities

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday flagged off the Vande Bharat Express train running between Gandhinagar and Mumbai. After the inauguration of the train, Prime Minister Modi traveled in a train from Gandhinagar to Kalupur railway station. During this, he was also seen talking to people.

If we talk about the safety features of this train, then this train has automatic anti-collision system armor which protects the train from collision. Compared to the previous Vande Bharat, many changes have been made in this train such as its seats have been tilted, whereas in the previous train these seats were fixed.

Apart from this, a rotation of up to 180 degrees has been given in the executive coach. Along with this, you can watch audio and video in better quality in the 32-inch LCD in the train. Along with this, you can also enjoy the facility of WiFi in the train.

400 Vande Bharat trains will be run in the country

Let us tell you that now there are a total of three Vande Bharat trains running in the country. It is the target of the Central Government to run a total of 300 Vande Bharat trains in the country, out of which 72 such new trains are to be launched by August 2023. Along with this, keeping in view the convenience of the railway passengers, Vande Bharat is also considering to install sleeper coaches.

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