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Superbike-like looks, 150 KM range, Dhansu electric bike will blow the senses of the good


4 driving modes have been given in Evokis.
The motorcycle is available at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1.71 lakhs.
The motorcycle gets front and rear disc brakes.

New Delhi. Rapidly increasing petrol prices have increased the trend of people towards electric scooters and bikes. Due to this, companies are also launching their new electric vehicles every day. There are many options for good electric scooters in the market, but only a few options are available in the name of electric motorcycles. But now Odyssey company has launched its new motorcycle Evoqis Electric Bike in the market. This electric bike with looks like super bikes is not only powerful but also has a better range.

After the launch of Evokis, there has now become a big threat for electric motorcycles like Ultraviolette f77 and Revolt. The biggest reason for this is the low cost of Evakis and much better performance.

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Top speed too strong
The Evokis is powered by a 4.32 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that powers a 3000-watt motor. Motorcycle 150 km in single charge. Gives a range of up to. While talking about its top speed, it is 80 km. The speed per hour is easily caught. The company claims that the motorcycle gets fully charged in 6 hours with a normal charger and in 3 hours via fast charging.

Amazing features too
Many features of the motorcycle have also been given very well. It has features like remote lock unlock, anti theft alarm, digital display, navigation and smart battery. Along with this, ride monitoring system and drive analog as well as 4 driving modes make its ride quality.

sporty looks
The motorcycle has been given the look of a racer bike. It also gets disc brakes at the front and rear along with stunning diamond cut style alloys. Along with the aero dynamic shape, its LED headlamps give a very spectacular look. The motorcycle gets upside down front suspension along with an adjustable monoshock at the rear which smooths out the bumpy rides as well. Talking about the price of the motorcycle, it is available at Rs. 1.71 lakh ex-showroom.

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