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Tata Motors may launch hydrogen powered vehicles in the country, join hands with American company


The American company will make hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines.
Tata has launched the country’s cheapest electric car in September.
The total sales of Tata Motors increased by 15.49 percent in October.

New Delhi. Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors may launch hydrogen fuel-powered vehicles in the country in the coming times. Tata has recently joined hands with US-listed Cummins Inc. Cummins Inc said it has signed an agreement with Tata Motors to develop hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines, fuel cells and battery electric vehicle systems for commercial automobiles in India.

Many vehicle manufacturers including Tata Motors are increasingly looking for an alternative to petrol and diesel. These companies are trying to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels soon. India has set a target of zero carbon emission by 2070. India will be one of the first markets to receive Cummins’ hydrogen engine. Tata, one of India’s largest electric-vehicle manufacturers, launched the country’s cheapest electric car in September.

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Tata increased the price of its cars
Tata Motors has recently increased the prices of its passenger vehicles by 0.9 percent. In a statement issued by the company, it was announced to increase the price of its vehicles. The price hike has been done differently depending on the model of the vehicle. The average price increase is 0.9 percent. The new rates have come into effect from 7 November.

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Tata sells these cars
Tata Motors said it has been bearing the bulk of the increased cost of vehicle manufacturing itself, but has been forced to pass some of the burden on to consumers due to the sharp rise in input costs. Tata Motors currently sells the Tiago, Punch, Nexon, Harrier and Safari models and several electric variants of these vehicles are also available.

Tata Motors sales increased last month
In October 2022, the total sales of Tata Motors increased by 15.49 percent to 78,335 units. The company had sold a total of 67,829 vehicles in the same month last year. Tata Motors’ total domestic sales last month grew by 17 per cent to 76,537 units as against 65,151 units in the same month a year ago. During this period, sales of passenger vehicles (PV), including electric vehicles (EV), increased by 33 percent to 45,423 units in the domestic market. In October, 2021 it was 34,155 units.

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