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The dominance of Apple and Google will end! Microsoft is bringing its App platform, know details

New Delhi. Apple and Google currently dominate the app market. At present, any app can be downloaded in two ways. Out of this, Google Play Store is offered by Google for Android mobiles. While the Apple App Store is made available by Apple. Meaning if you are Android or iOS users, then you have to visit both these App Store platforms to download the app. However, now Microsoft’s entry is going to happen in the dominated area of ​​Google and Apple Store, due to which the tension of both the companies has increased.

Will be able to download the app for free
In fact, Microsoft gaming head Phil Spencer said that a plan has been prepared by the company to launch the gaming Play Store. A report has claimed that by March 2024, the company may launch its own Play Store. From this platform, users will be able to download both iOS and Android apps. On this platform, you will be offered content like Xbox and Microsoft. It will compete with Call of Duty.

European Union issued a warning
However, questions are being raised about the launch of Microsoft’s Play Store and the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In this matter, an anti-trust warning has been issued by the European Union last month. Due to this, concern is being raised about increasing fair competition in the gaming world. Phil Spencer has quoted the report as saying that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard will increase competition in the world of mobile gaming, which till now was occupied by only two companies Google and Apple. With this, users will not depend on Google and Apple to keep the app downloaded.

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