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The era of 5G has arrived in India, what is the meaning of Airtel 5G Plus for you

Airtel 5G Plus Launched: Finally the day has come, when India’s leading telecom company Airtel has launched its 5G service – Airtel-5G Plus in the country. Airtel is a company that has been at the forefront of testing 5G technology for a few years now. Hence, the company has now brought the high and best service Airtel 5G Plus for its customers.

The service of Airtel 5G Plus has started in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur and Varanasi. Now the company will expand Airtel 5G Plus service to other cities of the country in a phased manner. Airtel 5G Plus is expected to be available in other urban areas of the country by March 2023. You can check whether there is Airtel 5G Plus in your city or not on the Airtel Thanks app.

Why should customers get excited about Airtel 5G Plus?

Airtel has announced that while experiencing Airtel 5G Plus, customers will get internet speed up to 20-30 times the existing internet speed. With 30 times higher internet speed, customers will be able to download large files with ease and heavy applications will be available in a blink of an eye. With Airtel 5G Plus, high quality video, cloud gaming and cloud content streaming will be seamless. Along with this, the company promises to deliver the best voice experience across all 5G smartphones. Airtel customers can enjoy 5G services on their existing data plan with the same 4G SIM that they are currently using.

Airtel 5G Plus special in many ways

To provide the best of 5G experience to Indian customers, Airtel 5G Plus has chosen a unique type of technology. It includes the most developed ecosystem and technology, which has wide acceptance worldwide. So, no matter which 5G smartphone the customers are using, they will be able to access Airtel 5G Plus without any lag or glitch. The launch of Airtel 5G Plus will give impetus to industries like education, healthcare, agriculture, mobility and logistics, which will help boost India’s economy.

Speaking at the launch, Gopal Vittal, Managing Director and CEO, Bharti Airtel said, “Airtel has been at the forefront of India’s telecom revolution for the last 27 years. Today marks another step in our journey as we build a great network to deliver the most immersive experience to our customers. At the core of everything we do, our customers are paramount. That’s why our ‘Airtel 5G Plus’ will work on any 5G handset and the SIM available with the customers. Therefore, our customer experience now includes 5G, which will work keeping in mind the interest of the environment. Airtel 5G Plus is all set to redefine the way people communicate, live, work, connect and play for years to come.”

Many records have already been registered in the name of Airtel.

With the launch of Airtel 5G Plus, telecom company Airtel has achieved a major milestone in the field of 5G technology. Airtel has already set many records in this area, as the company has conducted 5G testing multiple times over the years on test networks provided by the DoT. Airtel launched a private trial network a few months back at its Bosch facility. Airtel became the first telecom company in India to do so.

Airtel also gave India its first live 5G network in Hyderabad and unveiled the country’s first 5G connected ambulance along with Apollo Hospitals. Airtel also showcased India’s first 5G powered live hologram of Indian cricket icon – Kapil Dev. It featured an immersive video of Kapil Dev’s unbeaten 175 in the 1983 World Cup, on a 5G smartphone. It also showed how entertainment would change with this technology.

How to start customer Airtel 5G Plus experience?

The 4G SIM of the existing Airtel customers is already a 5G enabled SIM. If you want to find out whether this service is available on your smartphone or not, you can check it by going to the Airtel Thanks app. Those who are planning to buy a new smartphone, they must make sure that their smartphone supports 5G or not. Just take part again, in India’s next technology revolution.

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