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The hassle of fitting the AC on the wall or window is over! Gets fit in some corner, the price is also very low

New Delhi. In the summer season, the price of AC starts touching the sky. If you are also thinking of buying an AC that does not spoil your wall or window and easily fits in any corner, then this is the right time for you. Because a completely new type of AC has arrived. The specialty of this AC is that it fits anywhere, along with cooling also makes a bang-

The MRP of Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC is Rs 45,000. After 12% discount you can buy it for Rs.39,490. As we have already told you that you do not have to damage the wall or window to install it. It can be easily fitted anywhere. Due to being 1.5 Ton, its cooling also becomes more. Although this is a non-inverter AC.

12 months warranty of this AC is being given by Croma. In this you are offered Copper Condenser. The copper condenser is better in every sense. This condenser is also better in terms of cooling. If it is compared to Split AC, then its cooling capacity is also high. In this you get 5250 Watt cooling capacity.

You get 2 Way Air Flow in Croma Portable AC. Along with this, Dust Filters are also given in it. Its 1-year warranty is also being given by the company. Air Filter/Front Grill is not covered by warranty. Also installation is not covered in it. You have to pay separately for the installation. Also, for the warranty, you also need to have the original bill of AC.




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