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The interior of Skoda’s 7-seater electric car came in front, looking very spectacular from inside


The EV’s ‘symmetrical wraparound design’ can be seen in the image.
The biggest highlight is the first-ever free-standing infotainment touchscreen system
Skoda claims that durable material has been used for this car.

New Delhi. A month after sharing the first interior sketches of the Vision 7S electric car, Skoda Auto has revealed the interiors of the upcoming concept car. This will be the first car of the company, in which a new type of design will be seen. This electric car will be unveiled globally on August 30. Earlier, the company had revealed the interior and design of the Concept EV.

The EV’s ‘symmetrical wraparound design’ can be seen in the image. Its purpose is to make passengers feel safe. At the same time, the dashboard reaches all the way to the doors, emphasizing the width of the interior. However, the biggest highlight is the free-standing infotainment touchscreen system, which has been placed vertically inside a Skoda car for the first time.

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Its interior is very luxurious
The cabin also gets two different configurations, which provide a new experience for driving and comfort situations. Skoda claims that durable material has been used for this car. The concept car gets a wrap-around design and a protruding, horizontal dashboard that extends to the doors. Haptic controls have also been integrated into the redesigned steering wheel. The interior parts including ambient lighting, charging have been highlighted in the car. Even the door panel doors get interactive haptic and visual elements.

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7 people can sit together
The most unique thing about the cabin design of the VISION 7S is the protruding central console, which extends slightly beyond the second row seats. This is because it is an electric vehicle. It has a flat footbed. The 2+2+3 seat layout allows the center console to extend far enough back. There is a seat space for an infant in the second row and this effectively adds to the overall cabin seat layout set up.

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