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The right way to open the car window, the hot air inside will come out in a pinch, if there is a smell, then the way is different


All the windows of the car should never be opened.
By doing this the mileage of the car also drops.
It also takes time to get the heat out of the car.

New Delhi. Sitting in a car in the summer season becomes a challenge in itself. Even with the AC running, the car takes a long time to cool down. In such a situation, most of the people run the AC by opening the window of the car and try to cool down the hot air of the car. But this method is wrong. There is a different way of opening the window to remove the hot air present in the car. Also opening the windows is a great way to eliminate the smell coming in the car.

Even if someone is smoking in your car, the window can be opened in such a way that all the smoke will go out through the window and there will be no disturbance at all to the other passengers. So let us tell you how to open the car window so that hot air, smell or smoke can easily come out of the window….

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Hot air will disappear in a pinch
Drive the car for a while by opening the driver side and co-driver side windows after running the AC to cool the car down. This will make the air flow faster and the hot air of the car will come out in a jiffy. At the same time, by doing this, the blow of air will also not come on other passengers.

If you smell in the car…
After eating, drinking or any other thing has fallen in the car many times, the smell gets filled when the car is locked for a long time. In such a situation it is difficult to sit in the car. This situation can be easily dealt with. For this, you have to close the driver’s side window and open all the other three windows and drive the car. It will circulate the air in the car in a rotational manner and expel the smell. During this time, if you run the AC, then turn on the button of circulation. On turning on this button, the air of the car will circulate in the car itself.

If someone smokes in the car
If someone is smoking in the car then it is also a surefire way to remove the smoke and odor. For this, close the rest of the windows and open the window of the person who is smoking only two fingers. Due to this, the air of the car will be blown out rapidly and there will be no smoke or smell in the car at all.

there is noise in the car
If the sound of people talking in the car starts to increase, then you can open one of the windows halfway. This will stop the echo of the voice. If your car has a sunroof, open it a quarter. Even with this, the sound will stop echoing and the driver will not have trouble driving the car due to people talking.

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