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The speed of Wi-Fi will start coming like a rocket, if you do these 4 jugaads

New Delhi. We also have Wi-Fi installed in our house. After coming back home from office, you need Wi-Fi even to watch movies or play games at home. But sometimes Wi-Fi creates so much trouble that the Internet is not able to work. If you have ever faced any such problem, then today we are telling you the solution so that you will be able to know how you can increase the speed of your Wi-Fi.

It is necessary to check the cable:
Sometimes the Wi-Fi cable gets loose. Because of this also the internet stops working. You can also fix it by yourself. There is no rocket science in this. You just have to look at the cable and if it’s loose then fix it. Keep this antenna in the same position in which it was installed earlier.

Lights are also necessary:
Wi-Fi has individual lights that keep on burning. We think it is of no use. Whereas if the red light starts flashing on your router, it simply means that the internet has been turned off. If something like this appears on your Wi-Fi, then you turn off Wi-Fi. After that turn it on. This gets the internet right again.

Keep Sides From Walls:
If your Wi-Fi router is placed in a place where there is a wall, then the signal of the router may be interrupted. Due to this there is a lot of problem in internet connectivity. If your router is located in such a place, then replace it immediately.

This setting has to be done in the antenna:
Sometimes it happens that the antenna of a Wi-Fi router gets stuck for some reason or the other and we do not even know it. Many people think it won’t matter. but it’s not like that. If your Wi-Fi antenna is in the wrong position, it can reduce your internet speed. In such a situation, if the position of the antenna has deteriorated, then make it the same as before.



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