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The time has returned for the moped, but now it is more advanced than before


The highest selling moped in the Indian market is TVS XL 100.
It is equipped with many advanced features, people like it due to low price and more range.
Honda company has recently introduced an electric moped in the market.

New Delhi. It has been used since the Second World War. At that time its capacity was less and due to lack of speed, it gradually disappeared from the market. But once again different companies’ mopeds are being launched in India as well as in all the countries of the world. Which people are buying as well as liking it. Recently, an electric moped has been introduced in the Honda company in the Chinese market. It is equipped with many modern features.

The most seen moped on the roads of our country is the TVS XL 100. It may look like a moped but in features it competes with many bikes and scooters.

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Because of this, once again the race of mopeds has returned

Actually, before buying a 2 wheeler, most people ask about its mileage and speed. The way bikes and scooters are being launched in the market with different features. Similarly, now different companies are preparing to launch it in the market by giving advanced features in the moped to woo the people. In this you get Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging, digital speedometer, as well as many modern features. The biggest thing is that along with its range, the speed is also good.

This moped is equipped with many modern features

The most seen moped on the roads of our country is the TVS XL 100. At present, there is no moped available in the Indian market to compete with it. Like the budget bike, it also has a 99.7cc engine with a single cylinder. It is capable of producing a maximum torque of 6.5Nm along with a power of 4.4PS. The company is upgrading it every year to make it more powerful. It is equipped with many modern features. There is no sound when starting it. Apart from this, it also has a USB charging port, digital speedometer and odometer as well as shock absorber suspension at the front. Its price starts from Rs 55,126.

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honda electric moped

Honda company is preparing to launch about 10 electric 2 wheelers in the global market by 2025. This also includes an electric moped. Honda MS01 has recently been launched in the Chinese market. It is a single seater moped. It has a maximum range of 65 kms. On the other hand, if we talk about the price, then according to the Indian currency in the Chinese market, you can buy it for Rs 59,000. It has a 400W hub-mounted motor. Its maximum speed is 25 kmph.



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