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There are many disadvantages of keeping old electric items at home, do them from your home Tata, Boy-B

Used Items: one of everything that can be There is an expiry date, whatever it may be. When the time limit of that thing or Vastu expires, then the damages caused by it start coming to the fore. It depends on that object, whether its losses will be less or more. If that item is an electric item, then it can cause a lot of damage. Let us tell you about the loss caused by them.

old mobile

The battery used in mobiles contains lithium ion, which can be harmful after a while. Especially when the mobile battery swells.

old routers

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Outdated routers are less capable of providing protection against hackers. For this reason, the chances of hacking attack through them are very high.

old wall socket

Sockets tend to break or get damaged due to age. They then become more harmful. When there are small children in the house. That’s why they should be changed in time.

bulb and tube light

If the bulb or tube light gets damaged in your house, then it should be immediately thrown out of the house (sold so that it can be recycled). When kept in the house, it can be harmful because it is made of chemical metal and has gas inside it.

old charger

A circuit board is used to make them, which is made of glass fiber element. If they are too old, they can cause explosion or fire. It would be appropriate to remove them if they are old or damaged. So that they can go for recycling.

Like everything, electric items also have their own disadvantages and advantages. That’s why it should be used properly in time and on completion of time Instead of hoarding them, it is better to remove them.

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