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There is confusion about BH series, read here how you will get this number, know are you also eligible


People living in other states for a long time can take advantage of BH series number plates.
You can apply for this both online and offline.
To get the number plate of BH series, it is necessary to take approval from RTO along with giving documents.

Nor is it easy to tell which state it belongs to by looking at the number of vehicles that run on the road. After purchasing the vehicle, the number plate is issued on the basis of the states. In the early times, only defense personnel and employees of PSUs could get the BH series number plates installed. But the government has made some rules to allot the BH number. Let us tell you what are the rules.

To get the BE series number, your job should be transferable, whether you are a government employee or work in a private firm. For this, your company’s office should be in more than 5 places in the country. In this condition, you will be allotted BH number easily.

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Now there will be no need to change the number to live in another state

On going by car in other states, the traffic police also stops them and interrogates them. In fact, being the number plate of another state, they get highlighted from afar. Apart from this, it is very easy to identify from which state he is coming. If you are also going to stay in the states for a long time, then you can take BH series number for this. You can apply for this both online and offline.

How to apply online
It is very easy to apply to get BH series number online. First of all check whether you are eligible for this or not. To check it, visit the official website of the Transport Department. After submitting the required documents, you can check it by entering the engine number and chassis number. If eligible, then after filling the online form, you can get approval from RTO very easily by paying some money as fees.

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Apply offline like this
To get the BH series number plate, first of all go to the transport department and submit the No Objection Certificate. After this, you can get information from them whether you will be allotted BH series number or not. According to the rules issued by the government, the vehicle whose price is less than Rs 10 lakh will have to pay 8% tax. Apart from this, 10% tax will be charged on vehicles ranging from 10 to 20 lakhs. On the other hand, 2% more diesel and 2% less electric vehicles will have to be taxed.

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