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There will be huge loss if you apply the Sim Card like this, know here the reason and the right way

Sim Card Tips: Different types of SIM slots are available to see in every smartphone. People put their SIM card in the SIM slot and use the smartphone. It has been seen many times that even after having a SIM in the smartphone, neither the internet runs properly nor the calling is done properly. In such a situation, people do not understand where the problem is coming, because even after having both the SIM cards, if the internet does not work properly in the smartphone or if there is a problem in calling, then it becomes very difficult to know what is the problem. Is. In such a situation, people also start blaming the bad network, but there can also be a reason related to the SIM card behind it.

Keeping in mind that you do not have to face such a problem, we are going to tell you some tips related to SIM card, with the help of which you can use internet in high speed. Along with this, you can also enjoy the best calling. Let’s know these tips and tricks.

Take care of slots

If you are inserting the SIM card regardless of the SIM slot, then do not make such a mistake. In this is your good. In fact, many times people put emphasis on the SIM slot, in such a situation it also breaks. After this there may be a network problem. Sometimes your call may also get cut in the middle.

keep sim in slot 1

If you want to use high-speed internet, then you should always keep in mind that the primary SIM should be kept in SIM slot 1. If this is not done, then the internet speed is likely to be low. Also, there may be a problem while making a call.

do cleaning

If you do not clean your SIM slot, then dirt can collect in it. After this the sim may stop working. If you do not want this, then you must clean the slot before inserting the SIM.

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