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There will be these 3 disadvantages if you do not link Aadhaar-PAN Card, go online today and do this work

A deadline has been issued by the Government of India regarding Aadhaar-PAN Card Link. You have to link it by March 2023. If a user does not link both, then instead he may have to face heavy losses. Today we are going to tell you about 3 such disadvantages that you may face if you do not link both the IDs. According to the reports, about 13 crore people have not linked both the IDs yet. This is the reason why the Income Tax Department has also issued a new order regarding this. In such a situation, you can go today and link both the ID Proofs by taking selected steps.

PAN Card Inactive-

If your PAN card is made inactive by the Income Tax Department, then you cannot buy gold worth more than Rs 5 lakh. Apart from this, if you deposit or withdraw more than 50 thousand rupees in a savings bank account, then also PAN number is required and in case of non-activation of PAN, you will not be able to do so.

You also need PAN Number to file Income Tax Return. That’s why it is very important for you to do this. If your PAN number is not active then you will not be able to file tax returns. Apart from this, you will also face a lot of trouble in doing any kind of financial transaction. You will not be able to invest in mutual and financial schemes even if you do not have a PAN number. You must also have a PAN number to take advantage of government schemes. If you also do not want to face any such problem, then link PAN and Aadhaar Card today itself.

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