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These 3 scooters will be launched with car like features, will start without key, will be impossible to steal


Honda has recently launched the new Activa in the Indian market.
Activa is equipped with Honda’s H Smart technology, which has many features.
Honda is going to introduce these features in Activa 125, Grazia 125 and Dio.

H-Smart Scooters: Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has recently launched the new Activa in the Indian market. It now comes with a smart key and OBD2. This means that the scooter is now BS-VI Stage-II compliant when it comes to emission norms. Honda has also said that they will bring features like smart key and OBD2 to their other scooters as well. If all goes well, the rest of the line-up will be updated by June. Other scooters from Honda include the Activa 125, Grazia 125 and the Dio.

This means that the Activa 125, Grazia 125 and Dio could be introduced in a new Smart variant, which will be equipped with Smart Key and H-Smart features. Apart from this, they will also get BS6 Stage 2 compliant engines.

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Four functions are available in H-Smart or Honda Smart Technology. It has Smart Find, Smart Unlock, Smart Start and Smart Safe. Here you are being told the merits of all the four features.

Smart Find: It is an answer bat system, in which the smart key helps in locating the scooter easily. When the answer back button is pressed on the smart chapi, the scooter will blink all the 4 blinkers twice to help locate itself.

Smart Unlock: Smart key system is a new technology, which makes it easy to lock and unlock the vehicle without using physical keys. If the system does not provide any activity for 20 seconds after the button is pressed, the scooter automatically becomes inactive.

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Smart Start: If the smart key is within a range of 2 meters of the scooter, the rider can easily start the vehicle by turning the knob on lock mode to the ignition position and pressing the start button without removing the key.

Smart Safe: The Activa is equipped with a mapped smart ECU, which acts as a safety feature by electronically matching the ECU and the smart key. That’s why it is impossible to steal the scooter. The smart key has an immobilizer system, the engine cannot be started with any other key.

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