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These apps can empty your bank account, delete them from your smartphone today

User security has become a big issue after the arrival of Smartphone. Everyone wants to delete mobile apps for safety. Smartphone users should always think before installing an app. In case of not doing so, you may suffer financial loss. This is the reason why every user needs to be very cautious. Along with this, you should also delete them from your smartphone today itself – a report came out recently from Meta. It was claimed that many apps are collecting personal data of users. Now you must be thinking what is wrong with it? But all this personal data was being collected without the permission of the users. It is absolutely wrong to do so. It is necessary for every app to take the permission of the user before collecting the data.

Google is also working continuously regarding the Play Store. All such apps are being removed which are not safe for the user. If you also want to be safe, then you should remove such apps from the mobile phone today itself. If you are given tips, then before downloading any app, you should check its rating. The app whose rating is very good, you should install only that.

Apart from this, reviews are also given about every app on Play Store. Every user gives feedback about the app. Therefore, whenever you install any app, you should be very careful. Due to your one mistake, there can be a huge loss. One should always install the app only after seeing its rating and feedback. Even after downloading an app by mistake, you can delete it. If you do not do this, your personal information can also be stolen.

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