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These rules have changed for the drivers from today, will the burden on the common man’s pocket increase? Know 5 important updates

New Delhi. The new financial year i.e. Financial Year 2023-24 has started in the country from 1st April. From today many new changes are being implemented, which will definitely affect your life somewhere. From today, changes have also been made in many rules related to vehicles, which will have a direct impact on your pocket.

If you also drive a car or bike, then you must know about the changes in these rules. So let’s know about them in detail…

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New BS-6 emission norms come into force
To reduce the pollution caused by vehicles, the government has made the emission rules even more strict. Till March 31, the first phase of BS-6 i.e. Bharat Stage 6 emission norms was going on in the country. At the same time, from April 1, the second phase of these rules i.e. Phase-2 has been implemented. From today, car and bike dealers will be able to sell you only updated vehicles as per the new norms.

increased toll rate
If you travel by National Highway or Expressway, then from today you will have to loosen your pocket a bit more. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has increased toll rates by 5-15 percent. Toll rates have been increased on the basis of wholesale pricing index. Toll fee has increased on more than 500 highways and about 18 expressways across the country.

E20 fuel will be available at petrol pump
From April 1 i.e. from today, ethanol mixed petrol has started being available from fuel pumps in many states across the country. E20 petrol contains 80 percent petrol while 20 percent ethanol. Ethanol is a bio fuel that is prepared from crops like sugarcane or maize. The use of ethanol will reduce the dependence on import of fuel.

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Old vehicles will be closed
The proposed plan to remove old government vehicles in the budget 2023 will be implemented in the new financial year. Central and state governments will phase out their old official vehicles. New vehicles will be brought in their place, which will also include electric vehicles.

cars will be expensive
Buying vehicles has become expensive from the first day of the new financial year. From April 1, many companies including Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Tata Motors, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Audi have decided to increase their car prices. According to experts, cars of different companies can cost up to Rs 50,000. Hero MotoCorp is also increasing the price of the bike-scooter from April 1, depending on the model and variant.

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