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These two companies are giving golden opportunity to earn money, submit documents to SEBI to bring IPO

IPO Update: Nowadays those who put money in Initial Public Offering ie IPO have become silver. Now a new IPO (IPO Update) is going to come soon in the market. Nexus Select Trust of global investment firm Blackstone is preparing to bring its first IPO in the country soon. This IPO will be a retail IPO through which the company will aim to raise a total of $500 million i.e. Rs 4050 crore. To issue the new IPO, the company has submitted its documents to SEBI, the market regulation body.

Details of Nexus Select Company-
Nexus Select Trust is preparing to bring its IPO (Nexus IPO) for the first time in India. This company has about 17 malls in 14 big cities in the country. All these shopping malls are spread over 10 million square feet, whose market is about 3 billion dollars i.e. 24,400 crore rupees. According to media reports, Nexus Select Trust IPO had submitted its company’s papers to the market regulator on Thursday itself. According to the documents, the company wants to bring its IPO to the market in early 2023. Nexus Select’s IPO will be worth $500 million. This will be the sponsor IPO of Blackstone. Before this, the company has brought two IPOs in the market.

Yatra Online IPO also got approval
Apart from Nexus Select Trust, a new IPO is coming soon in the market. This IPO is Yatra Online IPO. For this IPO also, the company has submitted documents to the market regulator SEBI. Through this IPO, Yatra Online is going to bring equity shares up to Rs 750 crore in the market.

Through this IPO, 9,328,358 equity shares will be issued through offer for sale. Through the offer for sale, the two promoters of the company, THCL Travel Holdings Cyprus Limited and Pandara Trust, will sell their shares to their trustee, Vistara ITCL (India). Yatra Online has more than 700 corporate customers across the country. This company provides corporate travel facility to its customers.

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