HomeTech newsThese versions of WhatsApp are dangerous for you, delete them immediately!

These versions of WhatsApp are dangerous for you, delete them immediately!

WhatsApp Version: If you use WhatsApp, and especially use WhatsApp with a different version (alternative app), then this news is for you. WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps around the world. Due to its popularity, cybercriminals also trap people in their trap. Scams related to WhatsApp keep coming to the fore every day. Now another scam related to WhatsApp has been exposed. In this scam those people are being targeted who are using its alternative app.

Actually, there are many alternative apps of WhatsApp on Google. Although these apps are not on the Play Store. In this type of alternative app, more features are available than the original app, in such a situation people download them and start using them, but people remain unaware that both their data and privacy are at risk from such apps. I can come.


According to a report by cyber security expert Kaspersky, such apps are stealing users’ data. In this report it has been said that a malware has been found in version 2.22.21. In such a situation, cybercriminals can sit anywhere and use the user’s account.


One such duplicate version of WhatsApp is YoWhatsApp. In this too, users get more features than the original WhatsApp. Because of this many people use it. Let me tell you, when you install this app in your phone, it takes complete control of your phone. Triada Trojan and many other malware have also been found in this app. These malware start many paid subscriptions without the user noticing. With this you can also come on the road.

GB WhatsApp

Along with this, recently cyber security firm ESET also said in a report that the third party unofficial app GB WhatsApp, a clone of WhatsApp, is also stealing the data of Indian users. This WhatsApp also has a lot of users in India. Please tell that GB WhatsApp and other duplicate WhatsApp apps are installed from third party apps or from APK files.

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