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This 2-minute video sent on Whatsapp will be straight to jail! Know this important thing today

New Delhi. We use Whatsapp daily. Now it has become such an app that we use many times in a day. With the help of this, we also share photos and videos, but sometimes we violate many laws while doing this work. Today we are going to tell you about some such things which can feed you till jail. If you also make these mistakes by forgetting then no one can save you from going to jail.

Now you must be thinking that after all, what is such a video or thing that after sending you can have to go to jail. The Delhi Police had also detained some people in the past few days. They were accused of indulging in child pornography. By this you must have understood so much that Child Pornography Act is a crime. That is, after sharing any such video or photo, you can also eat the air of jail.

We also share videos that promote social discrimination knowingly or unknowingly and forget that these laws also come under the category of crime. If you ever find such a video, then you should delete it immediately without giving any thought. Because it can get you in direct trouble. You need to take great care of it. Even if someone is found doing this, then instead of this, he can go straight to jail.

Fake news is one such thing that can land you in jail. In the early morning on Whatsapp, we share such videos which divide the country and society. Apart from this, fake news also comes in this category, which we forward without thinking anything. If you do the same then you need to be very careful. This means that you must cross verify before sharing any news.



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