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This device is not a charger but a spy! Will guard the whole house with phone charge, will also keep an eye on children and meds


There are many devices in the market with advanced security features.
These devices protect your homes, shops and offices.
One such device is the Great Choice charger.

New Delhi. Technology is making our life easier and it is getting advanced along with time. At present, there are many such devices with advanced security features in the market, which protect your homes, shops and offices. Through these devices, you can monitor home and office from your phone anywhere, anytime. Not only this, now security features have also come in the lights and chargers installed in the house. Today we are going to tell you about one such product. Which looks like a USB charger and it is also very easy to use.

Actually, Great Choice brand has brought such a CCTV home security camera, which you can use just by plugging it in. Its cost is also very less. The company had introduced it at a price of Rs 4,999, but Amazon is offering 71 percent discount on it, which reduces its price to just Rs 1,449.

easy to use
This usb charger camera works and recording directly on sd card. To use it, you have to insert a 32GB micro SD card and plug it in. After this you can watch the recorded video on laptop or computer. There is no remote viewing configuration or apps to connect it.

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cctv in charger
With the help of security camera charger, you can charge your phone or any other device. It looks like a normal charger. There is no sound or light in it, so that it cannot be detected that a CCTV camera is installed in it.

40-degree wide angle lens
Great CHOICE Full HD 1080P Crystal Clear HD 1080P Video Camera has a 140-degree wide angle lens. This security camera watch allows you to view and monitor the situation at home, office or other scenes.

automatic recording
If you are concerned about the safety of your loved ones, it helps you to keep an eye on yourself, kids, babysitter, nanny, caregiver or pets at home, bedroom or anywhere else. It can start recording automatically with the help of its advanced IQ technology.

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