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This electric bike will reach Jaipur from Delhi in a single charge, speed is also not less than any car, booking starts from today


Ultraviolet F77 is planned to be launched in 190 countries.
There have been over 70,000 pre-launch bookings across the globe.
It has 2.5 times more battery capacity than two wheelers.

New Delhi. Ultraviolette has started booking the F77 electric motorcycle in the Indian market from 23 October 2022. According to the company, the Ultraviolette F77 has received more than 70,000 pre-launch bookings in 190 countries so far. The Ultraviolet F77 has a range of close to 300 km on a single charge. According to this, on a single charge, this bike will easily reach Jaipur from Delhi, because the distance between the two cities is about 270 km.

Ultraviolette claims that for the first time, the F77 uses the largest battery pack of any electric two wheeler in India. Apart from this, the battery capacity is 2.5 times more than the existing electric two wheelers in the country. It has gone through rigorous in-house testing during its R&D journey including simulation, dyno and on-road, power cycling and off-road.

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Bike will be light in weight
The company that makes the electric bike claims that this F77 electric bike has been designed on a very light frame. Its bike will get better handling and agility. The company also claimed that the Ultraviolet F77’s motor mount has become 30 percent lighter than before and has become two times stronger as well. This will give better stability to the motor and bike.

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Know what the company said?
The battery of the F77 has also gone through accelerating aging and thermal stress testing. Company co-founder Neeraj Rajmohan said, “We have invested as much time and energy in the research and development of the F77 battery as in the development and design of the motorcycle. We are determined to develop the most robust and reliable power architecture of any electric vehicle in the industry. Also the battery has gone through 14 generations of five generations of development. ,

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