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This mistake of yours will empty your bank account in seconds!

WhatsApp Scam: WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app, which is used by people for personal to professional and office work. Cybercriminals keep looking for opportunities to take advantage of such a large number of users and their high dependence. For this they use a variety of tricks. Such frauds happen on WhatsApp too. There have been many cases of fraud on WhatsApp. The most popular way to do fraud is to pretend to win prizes in KBC. However, awareness has increased among people about this method, so now its cases have reduced, but now the thugs have started another new way of cheating in the name of KBC. Today we are going to tell you about this method, so that you do not become a victim of such fraud.

that’s how it starts

In the beginning of this fraud, cybercriminals send you a message on your WhatsApp. In this message it is written that a lottery of Rs 25 lakh has been started from your KBC side. Apart from the type message, this information is also given through a voice note. Cybercriminals use audio clips and photos of KBC to mislead people. Seeing this, most people get caught in the trap of thugs considering it as the right message. KBC never runs any quiz on WhatsApp and no reward is given.

licks like this

When people accept the message of the thugs as truth and come in their words, after that they start the work of cheating them. It asks you to send some money as tax before transferring the winning amount. In the greed of a huge amount of 25 lakhs, many people accept their demand and send money.

so be careful

  • If you get this kind of message on your WhatsApp then ignore it.
  • Do not click on any link given in the message or call any number given in it.
  • If by mistake you have started further conversation by trusting the message and if some money is asked for the reward, then do not give it.
  • It may be that these people do not ask you for any kind of money, but instead they ask for your banking details to transfer money. Do not share your personal or banking related information.

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