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This official website is selling cheaper goods than Flipkart and Amazon

New Delhi. The sale is going on on Flipkart and Amazon. In the sale you can get huge discounts on the goods. But do you know that even cheaper goods are available on a government website than Amazon, Flipkart. This is the reason why people are also doing daily shopping. But there is no need to panic as its stock is not going to run out yet.

Which website is getting cheap goods cheaply-

The address of this official website is gem.gov.in. You can easily buy goods from here. It was also found in the economic survey that very cheap goods are being available from this website. If you compare the price of goods available on Amazon and Flipkart from here, then they are giving very cheap goods. It has also been considered in the survey that there are 10 products available on this website which are being found very cheaply from other places.

If we talk about the products, then there may be a question in your mind that if the goods are getting cheap here, then its quality may be bad. But you don’t have to worry about the quality as the goods are very good here. Compared to other e-commerce sites, it has been seen that 22 products available here are very cheap. The price difference was around 9.5 per cent. Buying stuff from here can also be quite easy.

Now because this is a government portal, the quality of the goods is also taken care of here. You don’t need to think before buying stuff from here. Because everything found here is of very good quality. Also, because it is getting cheaper, many people also shop continuously from here. Right now the sale is going on on Amazon and Flipkart too, so it can be very easy for you.


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