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This portable AC worth Rs 500 will get rid of the heat, selling indiscriminately

New Delhi. Portable Table Air Conditioner: AC demand starts increasing rapidly in the summer season. Sometimes due to the high cost, you have to change your plan as well. This is the reason why we are going to tell you about a new type of AC. It is also in great demand during the summer season and people also like it. So let us also tell you about its benefits and also give information about its cost-

You can buy Portable Mini AC USB Battery Operated Air Conditioner from Flipkart. Its MRP is Rs.699, but after 29% discount, you can buy it for Rs.499. On this, 10 days replacement is also being given by the company. This AC has been made special for home and office.

SPYNET Mini AC Cooler proves to be much better in terms of design. The MRP of this AC is Rs.1,999 and you can buy it for Rs.699 after 65% discount. You can fit it anywhere in the kitchen and outdoor. 3 in 1 functions are available in this. It also cleans the air. Also, you will not have any problem regarding cooling.

Portable Mini AC USB attery Operated air conditionermini Water air Cooler can also prove to be the best option for you. The MRP of this AC is Rs 999 and you can buy it for Rs 499 after the discount. It comes in multi colour. Being Made In India, its cost is also very low. If you are searching for a low cost cooling device, then this can prove to be a better option for you.

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