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This special car for World War was made by combining Ford V8 engine and Tata Steel


In 1941, the Tata Group in association with India Railways built a fighter car.
To protect against enemies, the company had manufactured 110 types of steel.
The Ford V8 engine was used in this car.

New Delhi: At present, Tata is not only making luxurious and attractive cars. Rather, this company has made its way to airlines and luxury hotels. At the time of World War, the eyes of the world were fixed on this company. At that time Tata was helping countries to make fighter cars. To respond to the enemies in the war, the company manufactured about 110 types of combat steel. From that time the city of Jamshedpur got a new name as Tatanagar.

At the time of world war 2, there was a shortage of combat vehicles and weapons in many countries. At that time, scientists working in the Tata group were designing and supplying combat vehicles.

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Allied eyes were on India
It was in the year 1939 when the Second World War started. The war was at its peak. Adolf Hitler wanted it by trying different tricks. Over time, there was a shortage of combat vehicles and weapons in Europe. At that time steel was used extensively. About 90% of Tata’s production went to war. All the employees of the company were rapidly working on Allied Powers at the Tata Steel plant located in Jamshedpur.

1000 ton armor plate was being manufactured every month
In view of the demand of the world during the Second World War, the employees working in Tata Steel were working in different categories. Some people were manufacturing steel to be used in armored vehicles, while on the other hand some scientists were trying new methods and trying to make different steels. Within just 5 years, the employees of the company had manufactured about 110 varieties of steel. At that time, more than 1000 tons of armor plates were being produced every month in the Tata company.

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This is how the Tatanagar fighter car was made
The Tata group had set up a recovery plant during World War II which they named Benzoyl. In this, the workers were manufacturing toluene only to make explosives. In 1941, this company together with the Indian Railways manufactured the Tatanagar Fighter Car. The Ford V8 engine was used in this. The axle and arm plates were provided by the Tata group. After the car was built, it was named Indian Pattern Carrier. Which is also known as Tatanagar.

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