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This tampering with the new car, then understand that you have hit the foot with an axe, then even the company will not listen to you.

Car Warranty: When we buy a new vehicle, companies give a warranty of a few years on it for our convenience. This warranty is given so that if the vehicle breaks down within the warranty period, the customer can easily get it repaired without spending any money. Often vehicles that break down under warranty are serviced at the dealership free of cost.

To maintain the warranty of the car, the company has certain conditions which the customer has to accept. But sometimes we unknowingly do some such work which voids the warranty of the car. Once the car’s warranty is voided, the dealer will not service it for free and if something goes wrong, the company will not listen to you either. The warranty of the car should not be void, so we are telling you some important things…

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Do not install after market wheels in the car
Do not modify the wheel supplied by the company. Many people get heavy looking alloy wheels installed in the car. By doing so the company considers the warranty as void and cancels it. Even minor modifications to the car’s sunroof, seats, headlights or taillights can void the car’s warranty. Here too, not using the tire size specified by the company voids the warranty.

do not tamper with the engine
Many people get a booster or turbo charger installed in the new car engine to make it better according to them. Doing so also voids the warranty. Even minor changes made to the engine make a big difference. At the time of inspection, the company detects the changes in the engine.

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Do not replace electronic components
Tampering with even the stock electronic components provided in the car may void the warranty. Cutting the wire to fit extra devices in the car may also void the warranty. Avoid making any unauthorized changes to the car’s AC, speakers, infotainment system, lights, wireless system etc.

Do not get the servicing done outside
Get the car serviced from an authorized service center during the warranty period of the car. Many car companies void the warranty for non-compliance of IS. If the car breaks down during the journey, you can avail RSA ie Road Side Assistance. Doing so voids the warranty.

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