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Tired of going to office! If you are looking for work from home online, then be careful

New Delhi. If you are fed up with commuting to and from the office on a daily basis, and are looking for a work from home option for peace, then you should be careful, because fraud is being carried out in the name of work from home. Recently one such incident happened in Delhi, where a person was robbed of more than 9 lakh rupees in the greed of online job.

Know what is the whole matter
In fact, a link was sent in the name of work from home, on clicking which Rs 9 lakh was deducted from the person’s account. The victim was asked to click on a link to apply for a work from job, which led to the fraud. In fact, these days some links are sent by scammers for work from job and earning extra, which become the reason for online fraud.

Robbery in the name of getting money in the name of commission
According to an ANI report, Harin Bansal, a resident of Pitampura, Delhi, was browsing social media where he came across a work from home option. In this, an offer was being given to earn daily while sitting at home. When he clicked on the link for more information about this, he was directly directed to a WhatsApp number. After this, an unknown person told to complete the registration by clicking on a registered website. After this, some tasks were asked to complete. Then it was said to get commission by depositing some money. Scammers return the money at first to win trust. However, when the victim deposited Rs 9,32,000 in the second instance, the money was not returned.

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