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Tires of your car also have expiry date, know how to check


Change the tires after driving the vehicle for about 40000 kms.
Apart from this, check the expiry date after seeing the number written on the tyres.
Many times accidents also happen while driving after it is worn out.

Tires play a very important role in running any vehicle. Even though the engine is powerful, but without it it is impossible to drive the vehicle. Many times people think of replacing the tires after buying the vehicle when they are completely worn out. Meanwhile, due to the skidding of the vehicle many times, accidents also happen. But very little attention is paid to this. Do you know that tires also have an expiry date. Well you can easily check it.
Many accidents can be avoided by changing the tire before its expiry date. Apart from this, to make the grip in the vehicle, get new tires fitted. This also increases the mileage a bit.

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See the expiry date of tires here
Whenever we buy new vehicles, its tires are very clean and the numbers are written on it in bold letters. Even if no one pays attention to it after buying a new vehicle. But after the tires are worn out, you can get information about the expiry date by looking at this number. Actually, many things depend on the tires of the vehicles along with mileage balance control and handling. If the condition of the tires is correct, then many problems can be avoided.

see the code on the sidewall of the tire
Usually you must have seen that the code is written in bold letters on the edges all around the tyre. Only after seeing this, the mechanics check the expiry date. Not only this, if the tire gets damaged, in such a situation also you can get new tires fitted by looking at these numbers. The weight lifting capacity, width, length and maximum speed of the tire are written on it.

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Tire change after 40000 kms
Generally, mechanics recommend that the tires be replaced whenever the vehicle runs 40000 kms or more. If you use the vehicle on a regular basis, then after losing its grip, you will automatically feel that the tires of the vehicle have worn out. Apart from this, if you do not drive the vehicle regularly, then after every 5 years you can change the tire after getting it checked. It is available in both online and offline mode. Always consult a trained mechanic before changing the tyre.

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