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Transfer of second hand commercial car can be done in this way, many cheap cars will be available


Many people dream of buying a car by buying a second hand car.
Online second hand cars are available cheap and in good condition.
You can transfer the registration of a commercial car to a personal one.

New Delhi. Nowadays many people dream of buying their first car by buying a second hand car. Customers often search for used cars online. During this time, many such commercial registered cars are available, which are quite cheap. Although, it is registered for use as a commercial ie taxi, so many customers shy away from buying them, but let us tell you that after buying a commercial car, it can be converted into a personal car.

You can easily convert a commercial car into a personal car. For this you need to follow some steps and spend some money. The special thing is that commercial cars are often available at very low prices and sometimes in good condition. Here we are going to tell you how to convert a commercially registered car into a personal car.

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can apply like this
First of all, the car buyer has to apply for cancellation of the commercial permit of the car. After this, again an application has to be made for the registration of a new personal car. After purchasing the car, the owner has to write an application to the concerned RTO in-charge with the reasons for cancellation of commercial registration. For this, you can apply through RTO form ACC.

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These documents have to be submitted
The applicant will also have to submit a copy of the registration certificate, insurance, ID and address proof to cancel the commercial registration. Also, bank NOC has to be submitted if the car is purchased from bank finance. Once the commercial registration of the vehicle is canceled by the RTO, the NOC is obtained. After this the vehicle owner can re-apply for a personal registration.

You can also complete the process online
Road tax has to be submitted along with documents such as photocopy of PAN card, photograph, NOC of canceled registration, Form 20 for registration, Form 35 (if applicable) along with proof of identity and address for personal registration application . However, the insurance policy in the form of NOC from the finance company shall be accompanied by an invoice confirming that the excise duty has been paid without any exemption. This process can also be completed online through the vehicle portal.

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