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TVS Ronin: This bike gives you the fun of an expensive bike at a low price, the features are great


TVS Ronin’s headlight is very bright, high beam can hurt eyes
It has a ground clearance of 181 mm, which is very high for a bike in this segment.
Along with the short wheelbase and exhaust sound, people are liking it a lot because of the look.

New Delhi. Most of the bikes of TVS company are in the budget. Many bikes of this company can be seen on the roads of our country. The identity of TVS Ronin has become different in the market due to its headlight. Apart from this, it is also equipped with many such special features, due to which people are traveling long distances after buying it. Are you also looking for such a bike then this can prove to be a good option.

TVS Ronin has 5 very special features. About which very few people know. If you are also going to buy it, then definitely know about these 5 features.

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If you like riding in the night then TVS Ronin is a good option. The beam of its headlights is very high. The design of the head light is also very special, due to which the beauty of this bike increases. For the first time this company has tried to try something new.

exhaust sound
Usually, after buying a bike, bike lovers definitely check the sound of the exhaust. Most people pay attention to its sound after buying a sports bike. But you get a very loud sound in the TVS Ronin. That is, in simple words, you can enjoy an expensive bike for less money. Its sound rivals that of many sports bikes.

Build Quality
Generally TVS company pays very little attention to the build quality of the bike. But the build quality of the TVS Ronin is very solid. The fuel tank along with the side mirrors, grab reels, chain cover and handlebar is very well built. There are very less chances of the bike breaking even in case of minor accidents.

ground clearance
Due to the low ground clearance, many times the engine of the vehicle touches the breaker. This usually happens when there are 2 people or a lot of weight on top of the bike. TVS Ronin ground clearance is of 181mm. There are very less chances of the engine touching the breaker even when 2 people are traveling on it. TVS company has paid a lot of attention to its design. There is a difference in ground clearance at the front and rear.

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Short wheelbase
The wheelbase of this bike is very short. The shorter wheelbase has both its advantages and disadvantages. If you drive it in the city then you are going to get its benefits. On the other hand, if you run it on a rough road, then in such a situation you may face problems while driving it. Most of the people of urban areas are liking it. Due to the short wheelbase, it picks up speed very quickly.

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