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Twitter launches closed caption feature on Android and iOS, know how to use

New Delhi. Twitter has announced that it is rolling out a new closed caption feature for its video player to all users on Android and iOS. Twitter users will now see a caption button on the top right-hand side of the video, where captions for the video will be available. To enable this feature, users can simply go to the Twitter app from their Android or iOS and tap on the caption or CC button.

It is worth noting that the process of enabling or disabling video captions on Twitter is a bit complicated and takes a lot of time. Actually, whether you can enable or disable this feature on Twitter’s mobile app, it depends on many factors. However, Twitter is making the process of enabling and disabling this feature easier in the mobile app.

The feature will reach all users
Let us tell you that Twitter first started testing this feature in April this year with a limited set of iPhone users and now the company is trying to take this feature to all users on Android and iOS across the world.

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Feature will not work when sound is started
One problem with this is that if the caption is not included in the video natively, then Twitter’s newly launched closed caption feature will not work. This means that Twitter will show captions only if those captions are included in the video. Also, if you have started sound in your video then this feature will not work.

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Feature released last year
Interestingly, Twitter released automatic captions for videos on its platform last year. However, the new feature that the company has introduced today is different from this. In this regard, the company has told The Verge that the button will only appear on videos with captions already available and has nothing to do with the automated captioning system.

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