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Twitter: Twitter Blue launched in India, know how much will be charged every month

Twitter Blue Launched In India : Social media platform Twitter in India has started its Twitter Blue paid subscription. For which now you have to pay 719 rupees every month. Signs received by some users of the country for Twitter Blue subscription are being shared fiercely on social media. Let us tell you that the price of Twitter Blue in India has been kept higher than in America.

will have to pay

According to photos shared by some users, Indians are being charged Rs 719 per month, which is $8.93. However, this is higher than the normal $8 fee. The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, implemented Twitter Blue, saying that the price would be adjusted in proportion to the purchasing power in different countries. Only a few people have received hints for Twitter Blue.

money will be used
On the plan to charge money for blue ticks, Elon Musk said that the money received from users will be used to encourage Twitter’s content creators. Earlier on November 6, Musk had confirmed that Twitter Blue is expected to launch in India in less than a month.

News Reels

‘Official’ label on Twitter handle
Twitter across the country started labeling Indian government handles and Indian media as ‘official’ before the roll-out of blue tick subscriptions. The ‘official’ label has also been seen on the Twitter handles of several organizations of the Government of India.

These new features start with Twitter Blue

  • Elon Musk had told that users who pay $ 8 per month for blue ticks on Twitter will be given more facilities.
  • Users with blue ticks will get priority in reply and search. Through this feature, it will be easy to eliminate spam and bot accounts.
  • Users who pay $ 8 per month on Twitter will get the facility to post longer videos and audios.
  • These users will also not have to pay for the content of the publishers who work with this social media platform.

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