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Two wheeler driving can be dangerous in winter, keep some things in mind


To avoid this, wear a leather jacket while driving a two wheeler in the winter season.
Keep the speed of the bike between 0 to 40, in such a situation it will be easy to control.
Use the hazard feature in case of heavy fog, don’t forget to turn on all indicators.

Winter season has started. People driving four wheelers do not face much problem in this season. On the other hand, people who travel by two wheeler have to face many problems. Bike riding is a very challenging task for them. Do you also find it difficult to ride a bike in this weather? In such a situation, you can drive a two wheeler safely by following some tips and tricks.

By following these tips, the mileage of your vehicle will also remain the same in this season. Apart from this, the expenditure of thousands of rupees on this can also be saved very easily.

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wear thermal garments
People feel a lot of wind while driving a two wheeler in the winter season. Because of this chills would also occur. To avoid this, many people use sweaters and different clothes. Despite this, they still feel cold. If you have the same problem, then in such a situation you can take the help of thermal garments. Actually, after wearing thermal garments, air does not pass inside it. Due to this, the riders remain completely safe.

Keep bike speed under control
The bike gets even more chilly when driven at high speeds. Not only this, many times people drive it at an even higher speed to reach home quickly. Accidents also happen in such a situation when there is fog. That’s why it is necessary to keep the vehicle under control in this weather. It can run in the speed of 0 to 40. Along with controlling it at this speed, the mileage of the vehicle also remains the same.

Avoid continuous two wheeler driving
If you travel long distances on a two wheeler, stop in between and wait for a while. With this, apart from giving you comfort, the engine of the vehicle will also get rest. On getting a cup of tea while traveling, drinking it brings warmth to the body. Apart from this, keep the full tank of the vehicle full. You can get rid of many types of problems by getting regular servicing done. Do not forget to add engine oil during servicing.

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Use hazard feature in fog
If there is more fog, then using the hazard feature can avoid an accident. This feature is not seen in old bikes, it can be installed separately by spending only 3 to 400 rupees. By turning it on, all the indicators of the bike start burning simultaneously. In such a situation, the people in front and behind become alert. Not only this, keep checking the battery of the bike from time to time.

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