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VIDEO: 11-month-old Tata Harrier burnt to ashes, owner said, ‘He was saved from death’

New Delhi. A Tata Harrier customer has shared his harrowing experience after his SUV caught fire. The owner – Maru Gamdu shared pictures and videos of the incident on social media platforms and said that Tata Motors has not helped him in any way. He also says that he is a fan of Tata Motors car and almost died in this incident.

However, he has shared several videos and pictures in which the blazing glimpse of Tata Harrier is visible. It is seen in the video and pictures that the Tata Harrier parked in the middle of the road has caught fire. The incident happened about two months ago. However, the owner claims that the vehicle is yet to be repaired. He also said that the car is only 8 months old and he had taken an insurance policy from a Tata dealership. Still, they are not repairing the vehicle and not giving insurance claim to it.

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