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VIDEO: Bullet’s father was also an ambassador in popularity, Dharmendra was also a fan, 33 years old video surfaced


Dharmendra was a big star in the 90s and earlier decades.
The Ambassador was a popular motorcycle in the 1990s.
It is one of the oldest bike brands in India.

New Delhi. Every product, whether small or big, needs a good advertisement. To get more and more sales, companies often make celebrities the brand ambassadors of their products. Recently, a video of a classic ad featuring legendary actor Dharmendra and the popular motorcycle of his era, the Ambassador, has surfaced.

This old ad has been uploaded to YouTube. The video begins with Dharmendra riding and drifting a red or orange colored Ambassador motorcycle. Post stopping, the actor says that the legendary ambassador in the motorcycle segment has no answer. Then another ambassador appears on a motorcycle carrying a heavy load.
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Ambassador of one of the oldest brands
After this, the actor points to the ambassador passing by and says that the bike is so strong that it can carry a huge amount of weight. The bike is shown carrying some heavy equipment. After this snippet, the video shows the actor mentioning that there is no hassle for maintenance and for this reason millions of people in the country trust the brand. He then says that the Ambassador is a proud ride. Towards the end, a lady can be seen coming to take an autograph from the actor. Ambassador is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the country, and despite not producing any bikes currently, the company still remains in the public eye. A few years ago a video of a fully restored Rajdoot SHL M11 motorcycle was shared on YouTube.

video uploaded to youtube
The video was uploaded by Old Pistons Garage on their YouTube channel. The video begins by showing a scrapped Rajdoot motorcycle covered in dust. The video then shows the entire process of taking the bike from worn out condition to like new condition. The video also shows the restorer installing the same 175-cc, 2-stroke engine. The two-stroke engine is mated to a three-speed manual gearbox and is extremely simple. The motor produces around 7.5 Bhp of peak power and 12.7 Nm of peak torque.

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As mentioned, the bike seen in the video is a 1969 model SHL M11, and the motorcycle was manufactured in Poland back then. The motorcycle division of the Escorts Group began manufacturing the Polish SHL M11 175cc motorcycle under the brand name Ambassador from 1962 after obtaining a license.

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