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Vodafone’s direct challenge to Jio, now Unlimited Calling, Data will be available for free!

Vodafone-Idea users are going to have fun. Because the company is constantly coming up with new plans. Today we are going to tell you about some such plans, in which you can get everything from Unlimited Calling, Data absolutely free. Now you must be thinking that which is such a plan which is offering every facility absolutely free of cost. So let us also tell you-Vodafone-Idea 699 Postpaid Plan-

You get 2 connections in this plan of Vodafone-Idea. But you have to pay for only one number. Due to the Family Plan, you are being given two connections. In this you are getting Unlimited Calling. Along with this, 40GB data is also being given. Apart from this, 3000 SMS are given every month. All the same facilities are available on the second number also.

Vodafone-Idea 999 Postpaid Plan-

This plan can also prove to be the best option for you. This plan is going to prove to be very good especially for such users who are looking for more connections. You get 4 connections in this plan. Unlimited calling is given in this. 140GB data offer is available on the primary number. While 40GB data is given on other numbers. Amazon Prime subscription is also being given in this number for 6 months.

Vodafone-Idea 1149 Postpaid Plan-

This plan offers a total of 5 connections. 140GB data is given on the primary number. While 40GB data is given on the secondary number. Also, 6 months subscription of Amazon Prime is given in it. In this, the option of Unlimited Calling is also being given on all the numbers. Amazon Prime Subscription is available in this. Also, 1 year subscription of Disney + Hotstar is available. Overall, you are being given all the benefits in this.

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