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Waiting is available in train, so book flight ticket for Re 1 from Trainman App

New Delhi. You are getting a waiting ticket for the train, and are confused about the confirmation of that ticket, then there is no need to panic, because if your waiting ticket is not confirmed, then instead you will be given a flight ticket for Re 1. Users will not have to pay any extra charge for this flight ticket. However, the condition will be that you have to book train tickets through the Trainman app. And the trip assurance plan will have to be taken at Re 1 during the train booking itself.

Will be able to book tickets in 130 trains
Now the question arises that what is Trainman App? So let us tell you that Trainman is a train booking app. This app has launched trip assurance feature. This is the first of its kind upgrade service, in which a guaranteed flight ticket will be offered if the train ticket is not confirmed. It is a trip assurance solution, which will convert a passenger into a flight ticket if the train waiting list is not confirmed. However, this offer will not be applicable for those who do not have an airport at the location. With the help of this app, tickets can be booked in 130 trains including Rajdhani.

How will it work?

  • During train booking, if the train ticket booking estimate is showing 90 percent, then you will have to pay only Re 1. But if the estimate of train booking is less, then different charges may have to be paid according to different class.
  • If the train ticket is confirmed at the time of chart preparation, the trip assurance will be refunded. If the ticket is not confirmed, will offer a flight ticket on that route free of cost to the passenger at no extra cost. No extra charge will be taken for this

What is Trainman App?
Trainman app was launched in the year 2016. It is a one-stop journey solution, providing online train ticket booking solution. Trainman is India’s leading train ticket booking app. Trainman app has been downloaded more than 10 million times so far. It has 5 lakh visitors per day. It has the highest rating app of 4.8 on Google Play Store.



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