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What is Mechanical and Membrane Keyboard, know what is the difference between the two?


Mechanical keyboard price starts from Rs.2000
On the other hand, the membrane keyboard can be bought for only Rs 200.
Mechanical keyboards are preferred over membrane keyboards because of the features.

New Delhi. To write something on a computer, laptop or tab, keyboard is used. There are many types of keyboards available in the market. The price of all varies according to the size and features. But do you know about mechanical and membrane keyboard? Mechanical keyboards cost 10 times more than membranes. After all, what is the reason behind this. Mechanical keyboard has some special features that make it different from others.

All the keys are connected to each other in the membrane. Its keys are very soft. Most of the people want to buy this keyboard for personal use. Membrane keyboards are also cheaper than mechanical ones.

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How is a Mechanical keyboard different from Membrane?
1. The price of mechanical keyboard starts from around 2 thousand rupees.
2. The same membrane keyboard can also be bought for just Rs 200.
3. There is a sound when typing with a mechanical keyboard.
4. There is no sound when typing with the membrane keyboard, nor does the user get feedback.
5. All keys are different in mechanical keyboard.
6. Whereas all the keys are connected to each other in the membrane.

This is the reason for the high price of mechanical keyboard
Now you must be thinking that when we both come to the use of keyboard typing, then why there is a difference of 10 times in their price. Mechanical keyboards are expensive. It is mostly used by professional people. The same membrane keyboard is used in cyber cafes and call centers. Mechanical keyboard is more suitable for personal use. Because it is more durable. In this keyboard there is a rubber under the button. Which keeps it from getting dirty.

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Why Membrane Keyboard is successful
Membrane keyboards are still successful today because their cost is very low. You can clean this keyboard by removing the different buttons. Due to having only one plate, it is very easy to clean. At the same time, if we talk about the mechanical keyboard, then liquid is used to clean it. Whenever buying a keyboard, take special care that it is water proof. Most of the people prefer to buy wireless keyboard among wire and wireless.

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