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What is the difference between CNG and Hybrid? Understand which car is the right option to buy


CNG cars come with a CNG kit, which is mated to a petrol engine.
Hybrid cars run on electricity and petrol-diesel, there is an electric unit in it.
The cost of hybrid cars is very high at present, while the cost of CNG cars is low.

New Delhi. Due to the rising inflation of petrol and diesel, the demand for other alternatives is increasing all over the world. Optional powertrains currently include CNG, auto LPG, hybrid powertrains, and cars with fully electric powertrains. In India, CNG is known as a better fuel option than petrol or diesel. CNG is cheaper than petrol or diesel and also reduces pollution.

Hybrid powertrain technology, on the other hand, is also promoted as a green and clean powertrain option. Hybrid powertrain technology is supposed to bridge the gap between regular petrol-diesel cars and fully electric powertrain systems. At present, the demand for hybrid cars is also increasing in the world. Here let’s know what is the difference between CNG cars and hybrid cars and which of the two cars is the right option to buy.

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Advantages of CNG Car

CNG cars come with a CNG kit, which is mated to a petrol engine. These cars can run on both CNG and petrol. The CNG kit can be installed from the aftermarket or it can also be pre-installed by the OEM. In India, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Tata Motors sell many models with CNG kits. These cars generally come in the budget. Most of the CNG cars available in India are priced below Rs 10 lakh.

Disadvantages of CNG Car

In CNG cars, a CNG tank is located at the rear of the vehicle in the boot space. This drains the boot space of the car. Then there is no space left to store much stuff in it. Apart from this, finding CNG filling stations in many cities is also a big task, as their availability is very less right now. Along with this, now the price of CNG has also increased significantly. CNG is selling above Rs 100 per kg in many cities.

Advantages of Hybrid Engine

Hybrid cars use multiple energy sources. Often, it is a mixture of electricity and petrol-diesel. Hybrid cars come with an internal combustion engine paired with an electric motor. There are generally three types of hybrid technology. First full hybrid, mild hybrid and third plug-in hybrid. The biggest advantage of these cars is that they get more mileage. Apart from this, some cars can also be driven in electric mode for some distance.

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Hybrid engine disadvantages

A mild hybrid has an electric motor and combustion engine that work together, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), as the name suggests, requires plugging into the mains to fully recharge its battery. it occurs. PHEV can be operated in full electric mode. However, the cost of these cars is very high. Comparatively, buying a hybrid car is a right option at the present time.

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