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When Tata made Armored Vehicle, the world accepted the company’s iron in Second World War

New Delhi. Tata Company, as soon as this name comes to the fore, one realizes a trustworthy company of the country. A company which is in every business from steel to automobile and hotel to airlines. Even after being a private company, Tata did not lose its faith in the people and continuously maintained its position with its products and services. But do you know that Tata, which you are seeing planting flags in the automobile to airlines sector today, was always known for its reputation and quality.

There was a time when Tata proved his mettle even in the battlefield. This was the period of Second World War. During this, Tata made something for the friendly countries that doubled their strength. Tata prepared such a steel which brought the Allied Powers to the brink of victory in World War II. Let us know this whole story….

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What were the Allied Powers
During the Second World War, factions of all the countries were formed. During this, the group formed under the leadership of Britain, America and Soviet Union was known as Allied Power. In India, this group was recognized by the name of Mitra Desha. The other group was made up of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy and Japan. It was called Axis Power.

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now tata work has come
Axis group did carpet bombing, there was a lot of devastation in Europe and thousands of people lost their lives. As the fighting escalated, Europe was seen coming in trouble. There was a shortage of weapons. Steel demand increased. This was during 1939 and India was a part of the British Empire. The largest steel factory in India belonged to the Tata group and steel was manufactured in Jamshedpur. During this time all the production of Tata Steel started being done for the Allied Powers. Tata prepared 110 types of steel variety in 5 years. Along with this, the company produced 1000 tonnes of armor plates every month. For this a factory was also prepared in 1942. A year later, a benzol recovery plant was set up. Explosive-making toluene was being prepared in it.

Now Tata has made a fighter car
In 1941, the World War was at its peak and the Allied countries were facing shortage of vehicles. In such a situation, the need for armored vehicles once again turned the eyes towards Tata. Now Tata has prepared a fighter car in collaboration with Indian Railways. The car was fitted with a Ford V8 inn. This engine was brought by the railways. Tata made the armor plate, axle and tires of the car. It was named Indian Pattern Carrier but in India it was known as Tatanagar. This car got covered in the war zone. This became the first choice of the soldiers. Its anti-tank and transportation capability made it popular. A machine gun was fitted in this car and it could carry 4 to 5 soldiers.

This car played a big role in the victory of the Allied countries. Tata became recognized globally. People began to have faith in India and the Indian Company. Even today Tata has maintained the same belief and is continuously working on quality products and services.

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