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When will Realme Foldable phone be launched? Company CEO Madhav Seth gave information

New Delhi. Realme has launched its new smartphone Realme C55. on this occasion Navbharat Times has realme india Of CEO Madhav Virtually talked to Seth and got important information about Realme C55 smartphone. Also talked about many issues including the upcoming smartphone. Let’s know about this in detail..

There are already a lot of smartphones in the budget and mid-budget segments. In such a situation, why the launch of Realme C55? What is special in this phone?
Madhav Seth Realme aims to provide the latest technology and features at the right price. Realme C55 is the perfect example of this. There are already many phones in the market. But Realme C55 is the most affordable and slim smartphone in its category. Because of all these features, C series smartphones are becoming quite popular. Realme C55 is the new smartphone of this series. In which youth centric design has been given with great camera, storage, charging and high resolution cameras, storage, fast charging are offered. Along with this, innovative mini capsule camera cutout has been given. Relam C Series stands for – Champion. In such a situation, it is expected that Realme C55 will set a new benchmark in the way of entry level champion.

How were the sales of Realme C series smartphones last year?
Madhav Seth – The year 2022 has been very good for Realme. Realme C series sold 10.7 million uniques this year. We take full care of the needs of our Realme customers. This is the reason why a lot of demand is being seen for Realme C series smartphones.

Many companies are launching foldable smartphones. When will Realme’s new smartphone come?
Madhav Seth Foldable phones with latest technology are attracting users. The company will gradually move in this direction, so that users can be given the best experience of the foldable smartphone. The company is constantly working on new technology and upgrades. But she will not be in a hurry in this matter. She will wait until the company passes the quality checks and high standards. Customer feedback has shown that for them fast charging, design and camera are the three important things in a phone. At present, the company is working on research and development in these directions. The company knows the interest in the foldable phone. But for now the company wants to focus on its core strength.

What is Realme’s share in 5G smartphone sales?
Madhav Seth Already 3.2 million 5G-enabled devices have been sold in the year 2022. And in the year 2023, the company has set a target of selling 7 million 5G-enabled smartphones.

Sales of premium smartphones have increased in India in the last few years. This includes foldable and 100MP and 200MP smartphones. In such a situation, what is the company’s plan regarding the premium smartphone?

Madhav Seth Yes, the sale of premium smartphones is on the rise in India in the recent past. But Realme believes that high price is not necessarily the hallmark of a high-end smartphone. The company focuses on delivering products that provide high-end experiences at affordable prices. Talking about high-end smartphones, the company has recently introduced Realme GT3 at MWC 2023, which offers 240W charging. The company works on the feedback and needs of the users. Work is being done on circle division regarding this. Also, the company is investing more on research and development for innovation.

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