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Why bike mileage is more than scooter-scooty?


The wheel of the bike is bigger than the wheel of the scooty-scooter.
The bike does not have an automatic transmission, while the scooty-scooter gets an automatic transmission.
Earlier 2 stroke engines used to come, so that also had an effect. Now they are closed.

Scooty or scooter mileage is generally less than bike? Have you ever thought? For example, take Honda’s 125 cc Activa and Honda’s 125 cc Super Splendor. While Activa will give a mileage of 47 kmph, Super Splendor will give a mileage of 57 kmph. Why so much difference?

If you also see the weight of these two vehicles, then the weight of Scooty is 111 kg, while the weight of the bike is 122 kg. Talking about space, you still see more space in the scooty than the bike. You can keep luggage ahead in the scooty. So your estimate of weight and space also fails on mileage.

wheel size
In such a situation, you must be thinking that due to which there is a difference in mileage. The answer is because of the size of the wheel. Scooty wheel is small, while scooter wheel is big. Actually, the wheels of the bike are bigger. In such a situation, he covers more distance in one round of the engine. At the same time, the wheel of the scooty is small, so it is able to cover less distance.

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In such a situation, you can say that mileage depends on the wheel. Large wheels cover more or less circumference and smaller ones less. When the distance is covered more then the mileage will come more.

automatic transmission
The big difference between Scooty and Scooter is the automatic transmission. You will see that you do not have to change gears in Scooty. Transmission in this is automatic. Whereas in the bike you change gears. It is clear that when there is an automatic transmission, the mileage of the vehicle is less. For this reason the scooty gives less mileage and the bike more.

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Earlier the engine was also the reason
Earlier the scooter had a two stroke engine. At the same time, the bike has a 4 stroke engine. Two stroke engines produced more carbon monoxide and fuel burning was also higher, whereas 4 stroke engines used less petrol and also less pollution. Generally speaking, in a two stroke engine, the engine (piston) completes a cycle in two stages. (piston up and un). On the other hand in four stroke engine the engine (piston) used to complete one cycle in 4 stages. (piston up and down). However, two stroke engines were discontinued after 1996.

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