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Why is your content not going viral on Instagram? New feature will give information


Meta-owned messaging platform Instagram has introduced a new feature.
Through this, users will be able to know whether their post recommendation is being shown or not.
Along with this, users can also request the review team to recommend the post.

New Delhi. Meta-owned messaging platform Instagram has now added its account status feature to professional accounts as well. Regarding this, the messaging platform said in a blog post that it has become important for creators to understand its guidelines and to know if anything posted by creators is affecting their access to non-followers. Through this feature, users will now be able to see what is happening with their account and content.

According to Instagram, the account status feature is a one-stop shop for users to see what’s happening with their account and content distribution. Apart from this, users will also be able to see if their account has been disabled. Instagram Said that with these updates he wants to help understand account issues and try to better explain how our systems and rules work.

Will be able to check the content
Interestingly, through this feature, users now get the option to check whether users who do not follow you are getting recommendations for your content or not. Apart from this, in places like Up Reels, Feed Recommendations and Explore, non-followers can also check the content eligible to be recommended to the user.

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Will be able to request from view team
Instagram said in a blog post that if you think we’ve made a mistake, you can request a re-recommendation from our review team. If you are thinking of checking your account status on Instagram, then we tell you how you can check account status.

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how to use feature
To check account status, first go to your profile. For this, tap on the profile or your profile picture on the right side of the screen. After this, tap on the option at the top right and then click on Settings. Now tap on Account, then tap on Account Status.

Recently rolled out content scheduling tool
Let us tell you that Instagram has recently added new features. The app has rolled out a content scheduling tool to reward creators for reels. As per the latest reports, professional accounts on Instagram can now schedule Reels, Photos and Carousel posts up to 75 days in advance using the scheduling tool. Instagram users will get this feature in advanced settings.

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