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Why it is important to pay attention to star rating while buying AC, know the difference between 5 star and 3 star

The summer season has knocked. Although it is not as hot as the AC, but you may need to run the AC in a few days. If you buy AC now, you may get AC at a lower price, but if you buy it after a few days, you may have to spend more. Before buying AC, it is very important to pay attention to many things. Let us tell you that ACs come with 3 star and 5 star ratings. Today we are telling you what is the difference between 3 star AC and 5 star AC and what are their benefits. Experts say that according to energy efficiency (electricity consumption), different ratings are given to air conditioners. ACs with five star ratings consume less power, thus reducing your electricity bills. Whereas AC with three star ratings consumes more energy. Although 5 star ACs are more expensive than 3 star ACs.

5 star ac consumes less power
A large condenser is provided in 5 star ACs, due to which they are electricity efficient. Whereas ACs with 3 star ratings have smaller condensers. And they are less energy efficient. Because of this there is a difference in power consumption between these two.

Let us tell you that a 3 star AC consumes electricity at 1.1 units per hour. At the same time, 1.5 ton 5 star AC consumes electricity at 0.84 units per hour. Nowadays, 3 Star ACs sold in the market come with filters, so that dust and pollution can be filtered from the air. At the same time, due to advances like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode and Eco Mode, ACs have started getting better.

In today’s time, smart AC has entered the market. By the way, these ACs are generally similar to the incoming ACs. However, they also have the feature of Wi-Fi connectivity and operating from smartphones. In any case, if the remote of your AC is lost, it can be turned on or off from the smartphone and the temperature can be increased or decreased.

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