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Will be able to edit messages on WhatsApp, will be able to do tension free gossip, these 5 cool features are going to come this year


Many new features are going to come on WhatsApp.
After sending the message, you will get the option to edit.
The feature of view once voice messages is going to come on WhatsApp.

New Delhi. Meta is constantly making new changes to ensure that the messaging experience on WhatsApp remains top-class. Be it the audio feature announced in the past or the rights given to group admins. WhatsApp is being upgraded regularly as per the requirement. Now the news has come that this year WhatsApp is going to launch 5 new features. It also includes the feature of editing messages.

This information has been given by a website named WhatsApp Beta Info (WAbetainfo). This website monitors all the updates related to WhatsApp. According to the website, these will be 5 features – message editing, view once audio, option to change the duration of disappearing message, option to pin message and audio chat features. Let us know about these features one by one.

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message editing feature

Just as there is an option to edit posts or comments in Facebook, the way Twitter blue people get the option to edit tweets, similarly the option to edit sent messages will be available on WhatsApp. If this feature is not there now, then in case of typing or any mistake in a message, it has to be deleted and sent again. With the introduction of the editing feature, you will get the facility to edit only the sent messages. According to WAbetainfo, within 15 seconds of sending the message, it will be given the option to edit it, while after editing the message, it will be visible to both the sender and the receiver with the edited tag.

According to a report by WaBetaInfo, the company is going to introduce the audio chats feature for the users. The new WhatsApp update has been spotted on Android for beta users.

More options in disappearing message

Disappearing message means the feature of automatically disappearing messages of a chat or group. By setting this feature, you can decide how old messages of a chat will disappear automatically. Right now three options are available in the disappearing message. 24 hours, seven days or 90 days. According to the report, after the update, 15 options will be given to set the time of disappearing messages. These options will be of one hour, three hours, six hours, 12 hours, two days, three days, four days, five days, six days, 14 days, 21 days, 30 days, 60 days, 180 days and one year.

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Message pin option inside chat or group

Now there is an option in WhatsApp to pin chats. On pinning, whatever message you pin appears at the top of the chatbox. Now you will get the option to pin the message inside a chat or group message. That is, you can keep any important message at the top inside the chat. Suppose, an important guideline has come in the office group, then you can pin the message containing that guideline, so that you do not have to search again and again to refer it.

WhatsApp to brings Audio chat features it will be available in future update of the app

The company is working on the View Once audio feature. token photo

View Once Audio Feature

Now the option of view once comes in the photos or videos you send on WhatsApp. That is, if you send a photo or video by marking it as view once, then the person in front can see it only once. The message disappears after viewing it once. But this feature is not available in audio messages, this feature is going to come in WhatsApp audio messages as well. Means, if you want to gossip or vent your anger about something, the person in front will listen to it but will not be able to send it to anyone.

audio chat feature

WhatsApp is also working on the audio chat feature. Right now we can make voice calls on WhatsApp or record and send audio messages. With the help of this feature, a user will be able to talk to another WhatsApp user through audio. For this a new header of voice chat will appear. By tapping on it, users will be able to interact through audio.

Apart from this, a short message feature is also going to start on WhatsApp. This feature will allow users to send videos of up to 60 seconds. However, users can still send videos to each other. Now it has to be seen what other facilities the company will provide in the new feature or what will be its purpose.

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