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Will I have to pay for ChatGPT now? Professional plan came in front, this is the price

New Delhi. OpenAI has started offering a Professional plan for ChatGPT. The price of this plan has been kept at around $ 42 (about Rs 3,400) for one month. However, no official announcement has been made by the company regarding this.

Earlier this month, OpenAI had shared a waitlist for professional accounts with advanced features listed. However, many things were not said in this post regarding the payment. But, the company had said that it is thinking of monetizing ChatGPT.

A week ago OpenAI wrote in an announcement that we are thinking of monetizing ChatGPT. We aim to continuously improve and maintain the service and monetization is one way we can ensure this. We want to talk to some people for 15 minutes for early feedback. If you are interested in talking then fill out this form.

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