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Will this technology make you unemployed in the next 5 years??

New Delhi. Chat GPT, if you have heard this term many times in the last few days and even after reading about it a million times, you have come to know that it is related to AI, then let us explain it in simple words. . Chat is a model based on the GPT language. This means that you will ask something from it and it will talk to you like a human being, by talking to it you will feel as if you are talking to a human being and not a robot. This model is based on artificial intelligence.

It was specially brought for customer service. But now after coming into the discussion, people have started using it for many things. If you want to know more about it then keep reading further.

What is Chat GPT?

Think of it like an AI chat bot. It is designed for online customer care. It has already been trained in such a way that it uses different natural language processing.

Where did he learn from?

The sources of what this chatbot knows are textbooks, websites and many articles. It responds to humans using its model.

Features of Chat GPT

Its most important feature is to respond like humans. So it is best for chatbots, AI system conversations and virtual assistants. It can respond like talking to you, write stories, write poems, write code, write articles, translate etc.

How can you use it?

Now after understanding its real work and about it, if you also want to try it once, then follow these steps.

  1. Go to the login page in the browser.
  2. Create an AI account and sign-up.
  3. After that you will be asked for the number for verification.
  4. After that the code will come on the mobile. Its SMS may also be charged.
  5. Go to SMS Activation. Register and log in.
  6. Go to the option of Recharge in the balance in the top right.
  7. Recharge and search for AI Services in the search box.
  8. Press the Shopping Cart button. There, the country code of your mobile number will be mentioned.
  9. Copy that mobile number and enter it in the Chat GPT mobile number verification section.
  10. You will get a code that will be your verification code. Enter this code in the Open AI box.
  11. Then select your reason why you registered.

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