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Window and Split AC game over! New type of AC has arrived, people are in a rush to buy it

AC starts from window. However, after window AC, the demand for split AC has increased in the market. But split AC has to be hung on the wall. Also, its external unit has to be kept outside. But now a new type of AC has entered the market. Which is known as Portable AC. As the name suggests, this type of AC does not need to be hung on the wall or placed on the window. This is its specialty. Increasing demand for portable AC
Portable AC can be used in the house like a cooler. Also it can be shifted from one room to another. That’s why the demand for this portable AC is increasing rapidly in the cities. Let us tell you that portable AC costs less electricity than the rest of the AC. Also it can be run in low voltage.

What are the advantages of portable AC
Portable AC has both advantages and disadvantages. Talking about the advantages, it is easy to carry and carry this AC anywhere. Meaning there is no need to keep it fixed. There are different sizes of ACs in the market. But as mentioned it also has some disadvantages. If you want to buy a portable AC for a large room, it might not work for you. Because portable ACs are not designed for large rooms.

portable ac price
If we talk about the cost of portable AC, then you will get a good portable AC in the market at a starting price of Rs 25,000. However, the cost of portable AC can go up to Rs 35,000. The portable ac comes with 5 star rating. This AC comes in your budget. The installation of portable AC does not cost anything. This type of AC is good for those people who live on rent.

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