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Winters are about to knock, your car may also feel cold, prepare this in advance


Car maintenance is a must in all seasons, especially in winters.
In winter, every part of the car, from the engine to the suspension, needs a lot of care.
In such a situation, you can enjoy a smooth ride by taking care of some small checkpoints.

New Delhi. Diwali is about to come and with it comes the cold. In such a situation, the way you prepare to protect yourself from the cold, similarly you should prepare to save your car too. In winter, there are a few things that you will not only increase the life of your vehicle by keeping it in mind, but you will also avoid complaining about unnecessary breakdowns. The meaning of the cold feeling to the car is definitely different, but the effect is the same as it happens to us. That’s why the car also needs some care and some warmth.

Cold weather can not only affect the engine of your car but can also damage the suspension and tyres of the vehicle. This can lead to breakdowns as well as accidents.

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how to protect car from cold

  • The biggest effect of cold on the car is on the engine oil, especially on the engine oil of diesel car. In such a situation, it is necessary that after completely flushing the engine oil of the car before the cold weather, new engine oil of the right grade should be refilled in it.
  • When the car is parked in the cold overnight, never drive it straight after starting it. If possible, leave the start before running both diesel and petrol engines for a while (2 to 5 minutes). Due to this the engine of the car will get warm and the engine oil will also be heated and will circulate properly. This will keep your car’s pistons and rings safe for a long time.
  • When it comes to coolant, it comes to everyone’s mind that a liquid that keeps the vehicle cool is right, but the work of coolant is not only that. Because distilled water is also mixed with the coolant, its ability to eliminate rust starts decreasing as the coolant gets older. In winters, this process becomes more frequent as the water sometimes freezes in some parts while the vehicle is parked. Later it promotes rust. Sometimes due to this, the condition of water pump also gets damaged. In such a situation, change the coolant of your vehicle before winter and keep its ratio of 2:1.
  • You must have changed the wiper blades of the car before the rain. Everyone has a belief that the work of wiper blades is done only in the rain, but the wipers are very useful in winter and the rubber of the old wiper blades becomes hard in the cold. In such a situation, while removing the haze coming on the screen due to fog, they can scratch and you may also have visibility problems.
  • Another notion that causes accidents is that it is time to change the tyre. Tires have a life of two to three years. During this time, even if you drive less and the tires are not worn, even then they get bad. Due to being rubber, they start getting hard. In winter, while the car is parked, more stiffness comes in them. In such a situation, if the vehicle is suddenly driven fast, then due to the rapid rise in temperature, many times it bursts which becomes a cause of accidents.
  • Tightening of tires can not only lead to accidents but they can also damage the suspension of your vehicle. Tires also act as shock absorbers in your vehicle and they can withstand many shocks on their own. But in the event of hardening, even the smallest shock increases tenfold and goes on your suspension and damages it. In such a situation, the cost of ball joint to shocker can bother you.

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